VisionTek Dedicated Graphics Card CPU Power Supply

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VisionTek Dedicated Graphics Card CPU Power Supply

Total Power Solution!
This Dedicated Graphics card and CPU power supply is designed to work with your existing power supply. Ideal for "small form factor" PC's, Gaming PC's and business servers.

Unparalleled Quality!
Every VisionTek product goes through rigorous testing to assure that all of our products meet or exceed quality standards.


* Provides extra power for single cards, SLI, Quad SLI, CrossFire, CrossFireX and desktop/server CPU's
* 5.25" bay size compliant.
* Universal range 100~240V AC input with active PFC on board
* EZ-Plug cable design
* Synchronized "power on" with main power supply
* Two pull fans and one push fan to optimize thermal release
* Dimensions: 210mm(L) x 150mm(W)x 43mm(H)

Modular Cable System:

* Maximizes internal PC space and air flow
* Eliminates cable clutter
* Connect one cable for one card
* Connect multiple cables for Crossfire and or SLI systems

Do I have enough power?
Today's high performance graphics cards and CPUs have considerable power needs. Your existing power supply may not have enough power to support hardware upgrades such as graphics cards and CPUs. Equipped with 450W of dedicated power, the VisionTek Graphics Card and CPU Power Supply will easily satisfy the most demanding power requirements. Ideal for high end gaming, multimedia, workstation, and server environment. Perfect upgrade for multi Crossfire and SLI configurations.

Will this power my gaming rig?
Together with your current Power supply, the VisionTek Dedicated Graphics card power supply will power todays most power hungry rigs, from CrossFire™, CrossFireX™, SLI™ and Quad SLI™, you can be confident this power supply will handle any Rig you throw at it.