Brother GT-782 Dual Platen Inkjet Garment Printer

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Brother GT-782 Dual Platen Inkjet Garment Printer

The Brother GT-782 will be the perfect inkjet garment printer for high volume shops. Because of its unique ability to print multiple prints simultaneously, your production will increase as a result of reduced cycle times and fast flexible downloading of new images.

Succeeding the heritage of Brother's GT-541 with a brand-new high-performance platform, the new GT-782 garment printer will boast many powerful features!

* Dual platen for increased productivity
* 8 Brother inkjet heads and dual gantry for fast printing throughput
* CMYK and white ink
* Economical and easy to operate
* Extra large print area

The Brother GT-782 is based on the unsurpassed quality and ruggedness of its little Brother GT-541 whtie and light colored garment printer. Many of the parts, printheads, and other items are the same in the GT782 making it easy if you already own a Brother GT541. You will already be familiar with the new machine - plus using the durable printheads are the same for the color and white inks. This will allow you to lay down more ink faster increasing your overall production speeds. Plus, the clarity of the prints will blow your mind.

* Overall Dimensions: 105" w x 45" d x 33" h
* Weight: 470lbs
* Dual, Independent Platens
* Standard 14"x16" Platen / 16"x18" Oversized Platens
* Print Speeds of 30-60 Shirts/hr
* Larger 500cc Ink Cartridges
* Dual Independent Print Heads (4 CMYK/ 4 W

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