Brother GX-6750 Portable Daisywheel Typewriter

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Brother GX-6750 Portable Daisywheel Typewriter

The GX-6750 is an entry-level portable daisywheel typewriter. Its features include the Perfectype professional touch keyboard, automatic correction system including "word-out" and a 65 character lift-off memory, automatic underling, bold printing, right margin flush and view mode. It has a variable 10/12 pitch typing selector, caps lock, line indent and automatic paper insertion.


* Perfectype® professional touch keyboard
* View mode allows easy viewing of the typing line
* Automatic carriage return
* Forward and reverse indexing
* Automatic paper insertion
* Automatic repeat for all characters
* Interchangeable cassette for daisy wheel with various type styles available
* Interchangeable cassette ribbon
* Self-demo feature automatically demonstrates features and functions
* Paper support conveniently doubles as lid cover
* Carrying grip


* Caps Lock
* Line Indent
* Right margin flush
* Automatic underlining
* Automatic centering
* Bold typing
* Super/sub script
* One-touch tab set and clear
* Half and express backspace


* 65 character lift-off correction memory
* Automatic "Word-Out" correction system
* Automatic relocation after correction


* 12.87" carriage, 9" typing width
* 10 and 12 pitch typing (Pica and Elite)
* 12 characters per second typing speed
* Line spacing: 1, 1.5, 2
* 96 character keyboard
* Original plus four copy capacity
* UL listed, operates on 120 volt AC
* Unit Dimensions: 16.4" x 15.1" x 5.3"
* Unit Weight: 10 lbs.
* Carton Dimensions: 19.7" x 7.8" x 18.3"
* Carton Weight: 12.2 lbs.
* UPC Code: 012502523567

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