Brother PT-1200 Labeler

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Brother PT-1200 Labeler

The portable, handheld PT-1200 Electronic Labeling System affords mobile professionals the ultimate in organizational convenience. It creates laminated, adhesive-backed, professional quality labels for practically any application.

The PT-1200 uses high quality "TZ" laminated tape that adheres to most surfaces, withstands variations in temperature and resists water.

The PT-1200 can print on 3 different TZ label widths from 1/4" to 1/2" wide. It has 8 type styles, 5 type sizes, prints horizontally and vertically plus prints up to 2 lines and underlines and frames text, all at the touch of a button. Organizing has never been this simple.

* Prints in 5 type sizes and 8 type styles
* Vertical and mirror print capability
* Text underlining and framing
* Auto numbering and repeat printing
* Uses 3 different tape widths (1/4", 3/8", 1/2")
* 70 built-in symbols
* Includes 6 "AAA" batteries, one 1/2" black/white tape, tape separator

Hardware Features
Tape Family: TZ
Tape Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Tape Length: 26.2'
Tape Technology: Thermal Transfer
LCD: 4 Characters x 1 Lines
Print Resolution: 180 dpi
Print Speed: 10 mm / sec
Keyboard: Zigzag QWERTY
Cutter: Manual
Batteries: 6 AAA (included)
AC Adapter: AD-30 (optional)
Handle: No
Interface: No

Software Features
Number of Fonts: 1 + 1 Title Font
Font Styles: Helsinki
Point Sizes: 11, 11 extended, 22 condensed, 22, 22 extended
Types of Styles: Normal, Italic, Bold, Italic Bold, Outline, Italic Outline, Shadow, Italic Shadow
Max. Print Height: 9mm (64 dots)
Label Length Setting: Yes
Auto Incrementation: Numeric
Horizontal Alignment: L only
Vertical Printing: Yes
Mirror Printing: Yes
Rotate Printing: No
Text Insert: Yes
Text Framing/Fill Pattern: Yes
Multi-copy Print: Up to 9 copies
Memory: 300 characters
Date/Time Stamp: No
Snapper function: N/A
Download data to unit: No
Auto Templates: No
Database Printing: No
Barcoding: 9
Barcodes (Stand-alone mode): N/A
Barcodes (connected to computer): N/A
(PC) Connectivity: None
(Mac) Connectivity: N/A
Operating System: N/A
(PC) Available hard disk space: N/A
(Mac) Available hard disk space: N/A
(PC) Minimum RAM memory: N/A
(Mac) Minimum RAM memory: N/A

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