Brother PT-1600 Label Printer

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Brother PT-1600 Label Printer

With an easy grip, rubber impact guards and rugged carrying case, the new PT-1600 is designed for everyday use in the field and on the go. Whether you are looking to label telecom, datacom or electrical equipment or provide on-the-spot asset management labeling, the PT-1600 has outstanding features - rotated text, easy-swap tape cassettes, bar code symbologies, easy to use telecom/datacom templates, and built-in telecom and data symbols - provide a unique solution to your labeling needs.

This machine also has the ability to print laminated labels with standard adhesive, extra strength or new flexible ID adhesive (for wrapping and flagging). The PT-1600 meets your labeling needs for tough and durable labels wherever you are - even in the harshest and toughest of conditions.

Perfect for:

* Asset Management
* Telecom/Cabling
* Manufacturing
* General Office

Main Features

* Includes protective carry case and rubber impact guards
* Intuitive ABCD keyboard and calculator-style numeric keypad
* 15 x 2 easy-view LCD
* 6 built-in telecom/datacom specific templates and 10 pre-formatted general-use label designs
* Design and print custom labels up to 7 lines
* Print options: printing multiple copies, serialized labels, vertical, horizontal, rotated and "mirror" text
* 9 industry-standard bar codes
* Memory functions and built-in library of symbols
* Alignment and framing options for advanced label formatting and printing
* 8 point sizes and 4 type widths
* Uses 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" tape widths
* Uses all TZ tapes including new Extra Strength Adhesive and new Flexible ID tape

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