Brother PT-1880 Labeler

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Brother PT-1880 Labeler

The PT-1880 is a sleek, contemporary mid-size handheld/desktop labeler. This advanced model features 2 fonts, with a clear 15 character x 1-line LCD display for easy viewing.

With it's built-in memory, you are able to save up to 5 labels. The "Preview" key allows you to check your text - reducing mistakes and wasted tape. The PT-1880 will print up to 3/4" wide laminated indoor/outdoor tape on 2 lines, 6 type sizes, 9 type styles. Over 70 different symbols and 10 frame styles are available to jazz up your labels.

* Prints in 2 professional fonts for use in Home or Office
* Large 15-character x 1 line LCD, with a preview key to allow you to check your text…no more wasted tape
* 2 line printing
* Prints labels up to 3/4" wide (9/64", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4")
* Choose from 9 framing options, 9 type styles and 6 type sizes
* Ease of use with the navigation of toggle buttons and raised angled keys
* Built-in memory, save up to 5 of your most commonly used labels
* Uses up to 50 of the various color "TZ" laminated indoor/outdoor tapes
* EZ top-load drop in "TZ" tape cassette
* Operates on 6 "AA" Alkaline Batteries or AC Adapter (both not included)

Hardware Features
Model Type: Desktop
Tape Family: TZ
Tape Sizes: 9/64", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
Tape Length: 26.2'
Tape Technology: Thermal Transfer
Tape Types: Standard Laminated, Flexible ID, Extra Strength Adhesive, Tamper-Evident, Non-Laminated, Iron-on Fabric, Acid Free
LCD: 15 char x 1 line
Print Resolution: 180 dpi
Print Speed: 10 mm / sec
Keyboard: QWERTY
Cutter: Manual
Batteries: 6 AA (optional)
AC Adapter: AD-24 (optional)
Handle: No
Interface: N/A

Software Features
Number of Fonts: 2
Font Styles: Helsinki, Bohemia
Point Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, MAX
Number of Styles: 9
Built-in Symbols: 71
Types of Styles: Normal, Bold, Outline, Shadow, Italic, Italic Bold, Italic Outline, Italic Shadow, Vertical
Max. Print Height: 9 mm
Maximum Print Lines: 2
Multi-Block: No
Label Length Setting: Auto / 1.2" (30mm) - 12.0" (300mm)
Auto Incrementation: Yes (0-9)
Horizontal Alignment: No
Vertical Printing: Yes
Mirror Printing: Yes
Rotate Printing: No
Text Insert: Yes
Text Framing/Fill Pattern: Off / Underline / Round / Callout / Wooden / Candy / Banner / Vine / Hand / Flower
Multi-copy Print: Up to 9 copies
Memory: For easy Print, Save, Open (5 x 80chrs = total 400 chrs memory)
Date/Time Stamp: No
Auto Templates: Yes (Length Auto Format - Off / VHS Spine / Mini DV Spine / Audio Tape, CD Case Spine, File Tab, Divider Tab

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