Canon CP-200/CP-300 Compact Photo Printer

Canon Updated: 2007-08-05
Canon CP-200/CP-300 Compact Photo Printer

Compact, High-Resolution Color Photo Printer for Today's Digital Photographers
Ultra-light and compact, the Canon CP-200 Card Photo Printer was made for the things you do and the places you go. Just plug in a select Canon digital camera or PictBridge supported digital camera. In only 85 seconds you can produce crisp, long-lasting 4"x6" color photographs without a computer.


At Last, a Printer Made for the Living Room
Compact and Stylish Design

Slim and neatly proportioned, CP printers have been thoughtfully designed to complement any room in your house. Their trim lines and compact design make them right at home in a living room, den, study or anywhere else you want to print beautiful pictures.

Easy to Use Home Photo Lab
3 Simple Steps to a Stunning Photograph

The CP-200 makes it easier than ever before to print radiant, crisp professional quality photos right at home. Just plug in a select Canon digital camera or PictBridge supported digital camera. Instantly, you have complete control of the Printers' customized functions including automatic printing using DPOF, index printing, partial image printing, multiple copy printing, exact size printing and more. It's amazingly simple because you operate it all straight from your camera. You can even add a date stamp. All without ever touching a computer.

Razor Sharp Detail, Stunning Color, Amazing Speed
Brilliant 300-dpi, Long-Lasting Prints

With the CP-200, you can produce prints that match the appearance and long-life of images produced by traditional film processes. Engineered for superior picture quality, these printers have a resolution of 300-dpi and 256 levels of color so you can create richly detailed prints from 2.0 Megapixel or greater cameras. Dye-Sublimation technology controls the ink flow to deliver a full range of realistic tones and shadings, so color is natural and true-to-life.

For durability, the CP-200 adds a transparent, protective overcoating to each print that shields it from the damaging effects of sunlight and humidity.