Epson M-T500 Thermal Printer

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Epson M-T500 Thermal Printer

The Epson M-T500 thermal high-performance printer mechanism provides the quick speed and durability required for high-transaction, graphical applications such as ATMS, kiosks and gaming. And it offers both curved and straight paper paths for maximum flexibility in orientation.

The matching Epson BA-T500 controller board with 32-bit microprocessor guarantees the highest possible throughput and unlimited use of Windows® graphics and fonts without sacrificing performance.

Product Features

* Fastest printer in its class even in full-graphic mode
* Easily handles thick paper and tickets up to 180 um (7.1 mils)
* Offered with Epson BA-T500 controller board with both serial and parallel interfaces
* High-speed drivers for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0
* Curl or straight paper path for thick roll or card paper
* Long-life autocutter with choice of full or partial cut
* Resident bar codes and downloadable graphics for label and ticket printing
* One-hand paper loading and jam-resistant

M-T500 Thermal Printer

Paper width (max.): 82.5mm

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