Epson M-VT101 Card Printer

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Epson M-VT101 Card Printer

The Epson thermal card printer brings a new dimension of convenience for the printing of loyalty cards, frequent buyer cards, event tickets and coupons. The low profile case is designed with a guide for easy card insertion and the high printing resolution generates crisp, easy-to-read characters and graphics. It supports both durable thermal plastic media or cost-effective thermal paper stock.

Product Features

* Fast throughput
* Software utility for rapid design of labels
* Compact, sleek design
* High-resolution graphics printing
* Jam resistant mechanism
* Easy insertion
* RS-232 serial connector

M-VT101 Card Printer

Interface: RS-232
Paper width: 54mm
Reliability: Lifetime  100,000 cards
Overall dimensions: 63.5(H) x 120(W) x 238(D)mm (2.5" x 4.72" x 9.36")
Case Color: Epson Dark Gray

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