Epson SecurColor On-demand Color Printer

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Epson SecurColor On-demand Color Printer

Epson's innovative color-on-demand SecurColor inkjet printer offers fast, reliable printing for custom color-enhanced labels, wristbands, meal tickets and more on paper rolls up to 4.4 inches for healthcare and inventory management. It features Epson MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and prints at high speeds up to 3.7"/sec.

Product Features

* Color-on-demand printing for labels, tickets and wristbands
* Features Epson's proven inkjet technology and quality
* High-speed printing up to 3.7" per second
* Easily adjustable to handle 1.2" to 4.4" widths
* Selectable print resolution up to 720 x 360 dpi
* Automatic Nozzle Checking technology
* USB 2.0 or Ethernet interfaces.

TM-J7000/J7100 Inkjet Printer

Interfaces: USB 2.0, Ethernet
Paper dimensions: 1.2" to 4.4" widths
Print method: MicroPiezo inkjet, 3 colors with pigment ink
Overall dimensions: 10.0 x 10.6 x 10.0" (255 x 270 x 255mm) (W x D x H)
Case Color: Epson Cool White

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