Fujifilm Frontier 500 Digital Minilabs

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-24
Fujifilm Frontier 500 Digital Minilabs

1. The new, affordably priced Frontier alternative

2. Compact, space-saving system design

3. Significantly enhanced processing speed

4. Designed for ease of operation; separate input and output units permit expansion to meet growing business needs

5. Makes it easy to introduce quality digital camera print services

SP-500 Film Scanner
The SP-500 is a compact film scanner for processing orders for prints from film. The addition of optional cartridges makes it possible to handle a variety of film types, including medium-format negative film.

Imaging Controller DIC II
The DIC II is a fully integrated system controller for all Frontier operations. Print orders from film and digital media can be tracked and processed on a single screen, enhancing productivity and reducing waiting time. And with the addition of optional software, the DIC II makes it possible to expand the Frontier system to meet demand for a diverse range of specialized print services.

LP-5000 Laser Printer
Occupying less than a square meter of floor space (0.84m2), the LP-5000 printer can be configured with single or double paper magazines to meet specific volume and capacity requirements.

6. Image Intelligence Ver. 2.5 ensures optimum correction of a variety of photo scenes.

Enhanced set of basic automatic compensation features
Enhanced set of basic automatic compensation features Automatic color and contrast compensation features have been enhanced for both film and digital camera prints.The Frontier 500 also permits separate custom settings (sharpness, tone, gradation, etc.) for each digital camera print.
Full Automatic Red-eye Correction (optional)
Red-eye correction is now fully automated, so there's no need to halt the production flow to make manual selections or adjustments. Red-eye detection and correction functions in Full Automatic Red-eye Correction mode have been enhanced to ensure even more consistently beautiful results.

7. New FE Software enhances performance and operability