Fujifilm Frontier 550 Digital Minilabs

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-24
Fujifilm Frontier 550 Digital Minilabs

1. Processing capacity of approx. 1210 prints/hour (4R size), from both digital and film

2. Processing time of 2'55" for a single order of 24 prints

3. Range of print sizes up to 12x18 inches

4. Small footprint; only 6.3 m2 of installation space is required

5. Digital exposure with solid-state lasers and Fujifilm's advanced Image Intelligence™image processing technology ensure high quality prints

Capturing and processing vast amounts of light and color data at astonishing speed. This is not a simple task to achieve even with a highly advanced computing system.

To reproduce an image exactly as is seen and intended. That is the ultimate goal of image processing. Image Intelligence is designed to emulate the awesome processes of the human brain—instantly.

6. Red-eye correction process is fully automated (separate software required)

7. Scratches and dust on the original images are detected and corrected automatically

8. Easy operation with advanced icon based interface