HP Photosmart A646 Compact Photo Printer

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HP Photosmart A646 Compact Photo Printer

What can you do with our Photosmart A646 Compact Photo Printer? Personalize and print lab-quality photos using an extra-large HP TouchSmart screen (3.45"), and print snapshots from a Bluetooth-enabled phone. You can even run a slide show right on the screen, no PC needed.

Easier-than-ever printing with HP TouchSmart

* View, edit, personalize, and print lab-quality photos, without a PC, on the extra-large HP Touchsmart screen
* Add captions to photos with the on-screen keyboard and stylus
* Do slide shows on the touchscreen

Photos from your Bluetooth phone

* Easily print from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones
* Set up fast with HP Quick Connect: just plug in a USB cable and print
* Print directly from memory cards, USB thumb drives, and cameras via PictBridge (or via PC with USB cable)
* Print on the go or at home with the compact portable design

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