Kodak 1200i Printer

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Kodak 1200i Printer

At Kodak, we know that controlling costs is vital to your wide-format business. The complete KODAK 1200i Wide-Format Printing System is the answer.

Over 100 years of imaging expertise has generated the advanced wide-format technologies in our KODAK 1200i Printer, KODAK Quantum Ink, and KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media. Combined, these products offer a low cost per print, time savings, reduced waste, and increased workflow  efficiency. When you add the value of KODAK Service and a bundled RIP software option, you'll be able to do more for less.
Selected features

Rapid evaporation drying system
A dual-component drying system offers a heated nose and ambient air plenum to improve drying efficiency for instant take up.

Intermediate ink reservoirs
The ink reservoirs in the KODAK 1200i Printer enable users to use 100% of their ink, maintain a constant supply of ink to the print head, and allow ink bottles to be changed on the fly for uninterrupted printing.

Variable speed for each application
Optimized variable print speeds cover the full spectrum of application needs, from high-quality to high-volume production (23 sfph - 220 sfph/2.5 - 20.4 smph).

Intelligent mask technology
Patented intelligent mask technology helps optimize color gamut, density, and vibrancy without compromising speed.

Advanced thermal print heads
Advanced thermal print heads apply optimized drop size and are designed for easy, clean-hands installation during replacement or maintenance.

Intelligent software suite
The KODAK 1200i Printer software suite enables remote monitoring for overnight, unattended printing. With automated text messaging to your cell or e-mail, stay informed and on top of your work. The software also offers supplies and job tracking for profitability management.