Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System

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Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System

The KODAK APPROVAL NX Digital Color Imaging System advances the APPROVAL line of thermal halftone proofers to unprecedented heights of performance. APPROVAL proofs are the most specified among agency creatives and brand owners worldwide. Never again lose a job because of limited proofing capabilities. Now you can meet a wider range of customer and brand owner needs with outstanding precision, control, speed, and economy.

Selected features and benefits

* Digitally render contract-quality proofs so precise that they match the press and can eliminate press checks
* Proof spot colors on actual printing stocks and substrates for accurate prediction of the printing process - no surprises, no anxiety
* Control density and dot gain for image integrity

The KODAK APPROVAL Digital Color Imaging System's ability to produce and adjust true halftone dots gives the system—and your customers—a great advantage. But as we all know, replicating press parameters is more than a matter of dots. It's density, too.

The KODAK APPROVAL System is the only halftone digital color proofing system that gives you density control. The image production process of the APPROVAL System benefits from our authoritative knowledge of colorants, carefully chosen and produced to replicate standard process inks. Our colorant technology enables the user to adjust the amount of color in precise amounts, producing exactly the dots, lines and density desired. Combined with the system's ability to adjust dot gain, this capability gives you full, predictable control over the final image in a way that allows you to match the press.

Other proofing processes may force you to manipulate color using methods that are different than those used in printing systems. The APPROVAL XP System allows participants in the production flow to identify the specific tonal areas that must be manipulated, and communicate them precisely with such comments as "Reduce the cyan 5% in the 3-4 tones."  When calibrating the APPROVAL System, dot gain can be adjusted in 1% increments throughout the scale. You can adjust solid area densities in .025 increments as well. The ability to control density also gives you the ability to zero in on your existing printing system as well as on a variety of industry color standards. So you can be sure that multiple proofs - even those produced in different locations or made weeks apart - will match.


The KODAK APPROVAL XP Digital Color Imaging System excels at owner satisfaction by delivering excellent economic value in addition to astounding accuracy and speed. Many competitive proofing systems don't include in their base price all the equipment necessary to deliver the quality and productivity you expect. And using that equipment generally requires greater operator intervention at every step.

Features and Benefits for Print

* Reliable contract proofs mean your presses will be running more, and you'll need to stop them less
* Minimizing make-goods or reprints due to color matching problems
* Keeping on your press schedules
* Consistent proofs that reduce in-line color compromises
* Shorter make-ready
* Fewer plate re-makes
* Proofing without dirt or voids, for more efficient proof production, a better impression of you, and faster customer approval
* Color control to fine-tune to your printing conditions

Design, Agency and Prepress Features and Benefits

* Confidence that the proof will match the printed piece
* Consistency, for a press run with fewer in-line compromises
* Fidelity so good you may not need to go on-press
* Wide range of user-defined special colors
* Seeing the proof on almost any printing stock
* Speed to the finished piece