Kodak Directpress 5634 DI System

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Kodak Directpress 5634 DI System

The KODAK DIRECTPRESS 5634 DI Digital Offset System puts together a top-rated digitally enabled, direct imaging (DI) offset press with the essential workflow, service and support components necessary for successful implementation of short run color printing.

The system combines the high quality of offset printing with the automation and efficiencies of digital printing.

High resolution 300 line screen printing with support for FM (stochastic), AM and hybrid imaging sets a new industry standard for digital offset quality. Outstanding detail and solid coverage is now available through the KODAK DIRECTPRESS 5634 DI Digital Offset System.

The transition from digital file to printed page is smooth and rapid with all four plates being imaged simultaneously in perfect register on press.

The highly automated KODAK DIRECTPRESS 5634 DI System helps you get more short run jobs on and off the press every day.

Selected features and benefits

* Fully automated on-press platemaking, mounting and cleanup
* Fast make-readies
* Superior print quality through waterless printing
* Reduced waste sheet counts
* More efficient workflow from file to printed sheet