Kodak IRIS62WIDE Proofer

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Kodak IRIS62WIDE Proofer

The high-speed, roll-fed IRIS62WIDE proofer delivers 4-color proofs up to 62 inches wide, for very large format (VLF) imposition and layout proofing. User-selectable resolutions allow you to control the speed and quality of the IRIS62WIDE proofer output. It can be driven by BRISQUE or PRINERGY workflow software, or by any workflow system that outputs HP-RTL data. For the most consistent results from the IRIS62WIDE, choose IRIS media and inks.

General Specifications

Drop-on-demand piezoelectric ink jet, micro-dot mode for smaller droplet size
user-selectable controls
4-color system (CMYK)
roll-fed, for single-sided proofs

Workflow connectivity:
Creo BrisqueTM workflow incl. Brisque Impose
Creo Prinergy® workflow
Third party workflow connectivity (Draft mode proofs from HP-RTL data)


Draft mode: 1 m2 of print area in 9 minutes
Normal mode: 1 m2 of print area in 18 minutes

±1 mm (0.040 in) registration accuracy across an 8up proof for double-sided imposition proofing

Imaging Specifications

Draft mode: 360 x 360 dpi
Normal mode: 720 x 720 dpi
Quality mode: 1440 x 720 dpi

Image area (max. print size)
using IrisORIGIN matte (roll) media:
1504 mm x 40m (59.2 in x 130 ft)