Kodak Magnus 400 Platesetter

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Kodak Magnus 400 Platesetter

With a true 6-up drum size, the KODAK MAGNUS 400 platesetter allows you to image an extensive range of plate sizes, presenting new business opportunities. Exceptional imaging speeds of up to 21 plates per hour enable you to process jobs quickly with short lead times.

The MAGNUS 400 platesetter also offers high-quality screening of up to 250 lpi and 25-micron KODAK STACCATO screening for exceptional imaging. Additionally, variable continuous resolution enables you to match the resolution to the job's requirements.

The MAGNUS 400 platesetter is characterized by advanced modularity and automation: you can choose from various loading, imaging, and speed options according to your printing needs. The semi-automatic device includes ContinuousLoad for faster production, and has a very small footprint. It is easily upgradeable to full automation with a single or multi-cassette unit for increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

Selected highlights

* Increases productivity with high-speed imaging
* Enables high-quality imaging with new laser head
* Supports processless media including KODAK THERMAL DIRECT plates
* Comes in either semi-automatic with ContinuousLoad or fully automatic
* Allows for easy growth path with modular design
* Includes true 6-up drum size for greater imaging opportunities

Reduce costs and environmental impact with processless plates

The MAGNUS 400 platesetter family has the flexibility to output conventional thermal and processless plates by Kodak. These alternative plates significantly reduce costs by eliminating expensive chemicals and processors, removing time-consuming steps, and conserving valuable floor space.