Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter

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Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter

The KODAK MAGNUS 800 platesetter provides exceptional productivity and efficiency to meet your needs, no matter what the size of your commercial printing business. Based on the KODAK 8-page thermal computer-to-plate (CTP) platform, this advanced platesetter features updated engineering, software, and design for greater performance and reduced downtime.

Modular design for speed and automation

The MAGNUS 800 platesetter is designed to provide a powerful immediate solution and to grow with your business. It delivers throughput of up to 40 plates per hour, and supports upgrades to even higher speeds in the future. It offers a full range from semi- to full automation, which is also easily upgradeable in the field when your production needs increase. The platesetter supports KODAK workflow solutions and KODAK thermal plates, delivering a complete, top-of-the-line CTP prepress solution.

Selected features and benefits

* High-performance imaging of up to 40 plates per hour
* Full range of automation from semi-automatic all the way to multi-cassette loading
* Modular design allows for easy field upgrades to faster imaging or greater automation
* Connectivity to KODAK workflow systems and third-party systems
* Support for KODAK thermal plates
* Inline punch for increased productivity
* Single-cassette unit holds 100 plates for increased walk-away time
* Multi-cassette unit holds up to 500 plates for maximum automation