Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter

Kodak Updated: 2008-09-30 RSS
Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter

The KODAK MAGNUS VLF Device is the fastest fully automated VLF platesetter on the market. It comes in four speeds: S, F, V, and the X-speed imaging option, which features a Thermal Head 3 with 100 watts of laser power—providing twice the imaging speed of the V-speed option. The X-speed configuration with dual-plate option enables imaging of up to 28.8 2,070 mm (81.5 in.) plates per hour, or over 48 1,030 mm (40.5 in.) plates per hour at 2,400 DPI.

The MAGNUS VLF Platesetter allows portrait-plate and dual-plate loading—two plates can be loaded side-by-side to further increase imaging speed. The MAGNUS VLF Platesetter also offers a ContinuousLoad option. This two-plate buffered system allows the operator to load one plate and queue the next plate on the load table. With Multi-Cassette Unit automation, the MAGNUS VLF Platesetter operates with up to 300 plates in four bays, and slip sheet removal is automatic. The new KODAK Automatic Pallet Loader option adds bulk plate loading capabilities for maximum efficiency and automation.
Integrated punch adds increased automation

The MAGNUS VLF Platesetter now features a fully integrated punch option with accurate three-point registration. This feature enhances automation and helps eliminate costly errors. The punch option is available with ContinuousLoad or Multi-Cassette Unit automation options for streamlined platemaking and faster on-press registration, and is fully configurable to match a wide variety of press requirements.

The MAGNUS VLF Platesetter is part of a complete thermal CTP solution from Kodak, available with the KODAK PRINERGY workflow system and third-party workflow connectivity. KODAK THERMAL GOLD printing plates and a wide range of other thermal media have been qualified for use.