Kodak Nexpress M700 Digital Color Press

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Kodak Nexpress M700 Digital Color Press

The KODAK NEXPRESS M700 Digital Color Press is one of the newest members of the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Color Platform. It is designed with features and capabilities to help you confidently enter the digital color print world or provide increased capabilities over your current color printing solution.

Printing at 70 pages per minute (2160 A3 sheets per hour), the 4-color M700 Press has innovative technology in the imaging, fusing and paper transport subsystems, as well as the same powerful, scaleable KODAK NEXSTATION V Front End that drives KODAK Digital Production Color Presses. It delivers excellent image quality, productive throughput across all supported substrates, application flexibility and integration with existing digital workflows. It enables you to offer short-run, variable data applications with high-impact color that can help you grow your page volume by increasing the number of clients or print jobs.

With an attractive entry point, image quality that meets your clients' demands, a unique business model, and the support of award-winning KODAK Service and Support, the M700 Press can help you grow your business with confidence.

* Excellent text and graphics, solid density, colors that pop, a wide color gamut, and high resolution for application versatility
* Wax-based dry ink materials yield excellent flat fields, good adhesion, resistance to bricking, and good gloss-matching to create more saleable prints
* A dual-fusing system enables the press to print at rated speed for all supported substrate weights and auto-perfect for all supported substrates
* Compatibility with more than 400 substrates means you can produce a wide variety of applications and meet more client needs
* Scaleable KODAK NEXSTATION V Front End is built on an open architecture that seamlessly accepts files from commonly used application software and provides powerful processing of image-intensive documents
* Unique business model with high level of self-serviceability gives your operators the control they need to deliver excellent image quality consistently, optimize uptime, and control costs
* KODAK MARKETMOVER Business Development Services provide dedicated specialists and innovative tools to help you develop marketing plans and programs that can optimize your return on investment. Includes the MARKETMOVER Network, a commerce network that creates a community of print providers and seamlessly connects them to
print buyers.