Kodak Picture Kiosk GS Compact

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Kodak Picture Kiosk GS Compact

he easy, affordable way to get your share of the growing digital prints market

The KODAK GS Compact delivers

* Unbeatable Quality. Deliver KODAK lab quality prints in seconds. Kodak proprietary technologies ensure excellent results—time after time.
* So Easy. Kodak's award-winning kiosk software is designed to be truly intuitive. You get confident, satisfied customers that need less staff assistance.
* Smart Investment. If you sell 30-50 prints per day, the GS Compact is the right KODAK Picture Kiosk for you. Priced right for smaller to mid-sized retail photo printing opportunities.
* Longer Up-Time. Designed to keep you open for business, the GS Compact is a reliable and low maintenance solution. Print up to 750 10x15 cm prints before you need to refill the printer.
* Payment Made Easy. Process your photo transactions right at the payment terminal. Fast self-serve printing that consumers appreciate.
* Quickly Verify Transactions. New receipt printing options help speed accurate checkout.
* New Creative Borders. Personalized cards and keepsake prints to keep customers coming back for more.
* One Smart Operation. Monitor your kiosk performance thru KODAK Remote Business Manager. Easy content and software updates.
* Versatile & Savvy Design. Our single roll media solution means every available print size can be delivered without changing the media. No extra staff time when a customer wants something special. Compact design for efficient space and flexible placement.

GS Compact - Operational Features

The digital imaging market is booming

Many consumers who demand the quality they're used to for their film prints, look to retailers for their preferred printing solution. Get in on the action with the KODAK Picture Kiosk GS Compact.

Open for business — in a flash
We've designed the KODAK GS Compact for you. In less than 15 minutes, you can unpack your new Kodak kiosk, make your first prints, and be open for business. It offers true plug and play installation.

The KODAK GS Compact ships complete with exclusive point-of-sale materials designed and tested by Kodak. Kodak remains one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the world. Put our brand to work in your store.
Smarter, more efficient operations

Consumers love the quality, simplicity and immediacy of the KODAK GS Compact. We've added new options to help reduce your staff time and increase consumer satisfaction with their shopping experience:

* New payment processing options let you choose from credit card payment processing.
* Fast verification at check-out. Receipt printer generates order summary detail with the prints, right at the kiosk.
* Get connected and simplify your business with KODAK Remote Business Manager. Keep your equipment running at peak performance with the latest software updates. Remote monitoring helps the Kodak service team quickly diagnose any issues and get you back up and running. Easily download the latest content for fresh, new designs consumers want.