Kodak Trendsetter Mid Platesetter

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Kodak Trendsetter Mid Platesetter

High-quality digital flexo CTP for mid-size printers and trade shops

The KODAK THERMOFLEX Mid Platesetter is designed for printers and trade shops imaging digital flexo plates up to 1,016 x 1,200 mm (40 x 47.2 in.).

It combines outstanding repeatability with production-proven reliability for consistent, high-quality print and improved press performance for digital flexographic and letterpress plates, as well as film. Productivity is optimized through the loading architecture, simplified user interface, and air-assisted loading table.

Features and benefits

* Enhanced print quality
* Plate-to-plate repeatability
* KODAK HYPERFLEX Ready Imaging Technology
* Accommodation of a wide range of media types, sizes, and thicknesses
* KODAK TIFF Front End Software
* Easy operation
* Effective quality control
* Worldwide service and support