Kodak Trendsetter News Platesetter

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Kodak Trendsetter News Platesetter

The KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Thermal Platesetter brings the quality, speed, and consistency of thermal imaging to newspaper printing. The TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter family features models with both automatic and semi-automatic plateloading and unloading, and a standard file-format interface that connects easily to most newspaper production systems.

Thermal imaging adds value and flexibility

The TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter features KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, which produces plates of a quality that is unique among high-speed CTP newspaper systems. SQUARESPOT Technology also enables KODAK STACCATO Screening, which produces vibrant, high-quality images that resist tone shift and haloing due to misregistration.

Available for all TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter models is the KODAK PL-T Plate Loader. The KODAK PL-T Loader reduces labor costs by allowing reliable, unattended operation of the TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter.

Selected features and benefits

* Availability in speeds from 60 to 240 plates per hour
* Precise registration
* Dual-plate loading for high throughput
* Delivery of thermal energy through dynamic autofocus optics
* Efficient footprint for more room to move
* Simple plate path for reliability
* Automated speed and convenience with the Autoloader