Kodak Trendsetter Spectrum System

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Kodak Trendsetter Spectrum System

TRENDSETTER and LOTEM Spectrum digital halftone proofing options are the perfect fit for commercial printers. By adding a digital halftone proofing option to the popular TRENDSETTER and LOTEM CTP devices, you create a multi-purpose platesetter with the flexibility and capacity to meet all your production needs.

Adding proofing materials to the list of media imaged by KODAK CTP devices means that wet and dry plates, processless film, digital bluelines, and contract color proofs can all be imaged on the same machine. The high-throughput, semi-automatic TRENDSETTER QUANTUM digital halftone proofing option means enhanced performance of one of the most popular CTP systems in the world. Advanced automation combined with excellent imaging technology and a range of options make the LOTEM 800 QUANTUM the ultimate platesetter. With Spectrum proofing, the combination is unbeatable.

Selected features and benefits

* produces high-resolution digital halftone proofs that match the plates put on press
* ensures that what customers approve is what they will get from the press
* under critical inspection, Spectrum-imaged proofs are comparable to press sheets, exhibiting similar dot gain and highlight structures
* capable of imaging 4- and 8-page proofs on the same device
* an advanced media-handling mechanism takes care of cleaning, loading, and unloading the proofing material entirely without operator assistance
* automatic registration system eliminates the tedious and inaccurate manual registration step of film- based proofing
* numerous automated features, ease of use, seamless connectivity, and fast imaging speed make proofing for CTP an efficient and profitable solution
* freedom to choose the media best suited to their client-base and production facilities
* dual calibration enables standard printing specs can be met accurately and consistently, time after time