Kodak Trendsetter VLF Platesetter

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Kodak Trendsetter VLF Platesetter

The semi-automatic KODAK TRENDSETTER VLF Platesetter delivers stability, easy maintenance, and exceptional imaging quality to printers or trade shops with lower daily plating requirements.

Five models in several speeds are available, allowing you to scale a CTP system to meet your needs.

This device helps reduce plate waste with electronic registration that effectively eliminates improperly aligned plates. Reliability and consistent quality have made TRENDSETTER VLF Platesetters one of the most widely used very large format CTP devices in the industry.

Selected features and benefits

* Outstanding reliability for easy transition to CTP
* Five models, allowing you to scale a CTP system to even the largest operation
* Accurate plate fit and register to reduce costs
* Easy use and maintenance
* Connectivity to KODAK Workflow Systems and third-party systems
* Worldwide service and support