Kodak Versamark DS9050 Printing System

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Kodak Versamark DS9050 Printing System

The KODAK VERSAMARK DS9050 Printing System with a 9-inch printhead can print at speeds up to 500 fpm (152 mpm) at 300 by 600 dpi.

Designed to support the modularity of KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems and printing environments, the DS9050 may be easily integrated into many different configurations, such as in-line with an offset press, all while printing 100% variable data.

The combination of speed, quality and flexibility makes the DS9050 ideally suited for high-volume commercial printers.

* 8.96 in. (22.76 cm) print width
* Stitch up to two KODAK VERSAMARK DH90 Printheads for a total print width of 17.92 in. (455 cm)
* High throughput – up to 500 fpm (152 mpm)
* 300 x 600 dpi
* System can include up to 16 printheads
* Integrates with the KODAK VERSAMARK DS3700 Printing System.