Kodak Versamark VT3000 Printing System

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Kodak Versamark VT3000 Printing System

As with all V-Series Printing Systems, the KODAK VERSAMARK VT3000 Printing System is an integrated digital printing system that is capable of producing 100 percent variable data in black, spot color or process color, depending on the configuration. The new VT3000 product line offers a choice of 11 possible configurations and the flexibility for customers to upgrade from one configuration to the next.

As with all V-Series Printing Systems, the VT3000 is designed around the concept that as your business needs evolve your printer platform should be able to evolve as well. The VT3000 can be upgraded from a basic simplex monochrome system to a duplex process color system and every step in between. The system is available in 3 speed options: 250 fpm (76 mpm), 350 fpm (107 mpm) and 500 fpm (152 mpm).  In a 2-up duplex configuration it delivers from 1,090 impressions per minute up to 2,180 impressions per minute (dependent on speed).

Features and benefits

* Utilizes continuous inkjet printhead technology
* 100% variable data capabilities
* Eleven configurations available
* Upgrade path from VJ1000 to spot or process color
* Modular design for ease of upgrade; reuse controller, pre/post processing equipment, and printheads
* 250 fpm, 350 fpm or 500 fpm (76 mpm, 107 mpm or 152 mpm)
* Productive and affordable high volume process color printing
* Resolutions up to 300x600 dpi
* Compact footprint
* Finishing options: roll-to-roll, perf, punch, perf/punch, selective perf, fanfold, cut sheet, sheet/stack, slit/merge/stack, or any combination.