Kodak Versamark VX5000 Plus Printing System

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Kodak Versamark VX5000 Plus Printing System

The KODAK VERSAMARK VX5000 Printing System offers a selection of model configurations to handle virtually any variable data printing application. The VX5000 is an integrated digital printing system capable of producing 100% variable data in black, spot color or CMYK process color, depending on the configuration.

Selected features and benefits

* 100% variable data capabilities
* Eleven configurations available
* Utilizes continuous inkjet printhead technology
* Robust design delivers high duty cycle
* Productive and affordable high volume process color printing
* Print speeds of 500 fpm (150 mpm) yielding more than 2,000 pages per minute
* A modular and flexible platform that can be reconfigured as your business needs grow.
* Completely integrated end-to-end printing and finishing, with pre- and post-processing equipment tightly integrated into the paper handling.
* Options including: roll unwind, sheeting, fixed perforating, selective perforating, punch, tractor hole punching, fan-folding, sheet/stack, roll rewind, and web cleaner.