Konica Minolta EB100/XY100 Inkjet Print Head Evaluation System

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Konica Minolta EB100/XY100 Inkjet Print Head Evaluation System

Supporting Tools for the Development of Industrial Inkjet Systems Electronics & Mechanics for Ink Jetting, Printing

EB100: An Easy-to-Use Inkjet Print Head Evaluation Board Set
The EB100 is a set of PCBs designed to control KM inkjet print heads. From the first day of purchase, it enables customers to start evaluating our print heads for various R&D activities.

XY100: A XY Stage IJ Printer combined with EB100
The XY100 consists of Musasi Engineering "SHOTMASTER 300XYStage", EB100 and other key inkjet components such as a head mount plate and ink supply lines. The system can control up to 4 print heads to function as a full-color inkjet printer and a stand for ink syringes.

To Jump-Start the Development of Industrial Inkjet Printing...
By purchasing these systems together with print heads, customers can start evaluating the KM IJ heads, check head-ink compatibility, and study feasibility of target projects, the need to develop any hardware of software independently.
Software Development Kit is also available to control the EB100 from custom-made application software.

IJ Print Head Evaluation Board - EB100
Applicable head: 512 Series (Chassis only 512LH, 512LN, 512MH, 512MN)
Max. head number: 4
Power supply: AC100-240V50/60Hz
Power consumption: Max. 30VA
Emvironment: Temperature: 20 - 30 deg. C / Humidity: 30 - 70% (No condensation)
Interface: USB2.0
Image data memory: 256MB
Print mode: Uni-directional, Bi-directional
User interface: PC GUI Software
Operating system, PC: Windows2000, XP
Pentium 4, 2GHz, Memory 256MB or more
Language: English / Japanese
Product life: 5 Years or 3000 hours
Weight: 5.6kg
Dimensions: W330×D288×H90mm

XY Table: Musashi Engineering SHOTMASTER300
Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: Max. 150VA
Print start position: By trigger input from the stage
Print clock: EB100 internal clock (No encoder input from the stage)
Applicable head: (Chassisonly512LH,
Emvironment: Temperature: 20 - 30 deg. C / Humidity: 30 - 70% (No condensation)
Printable area: 180×160mm with 4 heads; 180×240mm with 1 Head
Transport speed: Defaul: 50 mm/sec
Adjustable range: 0.1 - 500.0 mm/sec
Head mount plate: Max. 4 heads with position adjustment mechanism
Head maintenance: Suction with rubber cap
Ink supply: syringes stand with 4 positions
Weight: 60kg (XY Table)
Product / Parts life: XY Table: 500 hours
Ink suction pump: 100 hours (with oil ink)
Media suction pump: 3000 hours
Dimensions: SHOTMASTERW510×D580×H540mm