Konica Minolta KIP 3100 Production Print System

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Konica Minolta KIP 3100 Production Print System

The KIP 3100 gives you fast output speed of up to 6 "D" size prints per minute, with 600 x 600 dpi resolution for superb image quality. An advanced touch-screen makes it easy to control all system functions -- and real-time viewing lets you see exactly what you'll get to minimize the need for time-consuming rescans.

You can choose four configurations: a stand-alone digital copy system, a digital copier with network printing capabilities, or a full-function digital copier, network printer and scan-to-file system, or a full-function digital copier, network printer and scan-to-file system with color scanning.

* Compact, integrated design with small footprint is ideal for temporary offices and field facilities where space is limited.
* 1-roll or 2-roll media capability is upgradeable in the field to customize your system for the demands of any job.
* 100% toner efficiency -- no carriers, developers, or messy toner waste bottles to dispose of.
* Color scan-to-file option with true 600 dpi optical resolution and 24-bit color imaging technology.
* Integrated color scanning menu on the KIP 3100 touch-screen panel gives users preset scan quality controls for a wide range of originals.


KIP HDP Plus Technology: For crisp, high-quality copies and prints with razor-sharp detail and clear, legible text, KIP HDP Plus technology provides 600 x 600 dpi resolution with ultra-fine .0017" dot size and pixel line dimension.

High-Volume Output: With speed of up to 6 "D" size prints per minute, your workflow will be more productive -- and you can respond more quickly to on-site demands for copies or prints.

Advanced Touch-Screen Interface: You can operate all KIP 3100 system functions with touch-screen ease using clear menus and simple intuitive commands, so even first-time operators will be comfortable right from the start.

Real-Time Original Image Viewing: With KIP 3100, what you see is what you get -- and with a real-time view of copies and prints as you work, you can minimize the need for time-consuming re-scans.

Small Integrated Footprint: The KIP 3100 requires as little as 18" side clearance and 24" rear clearance, so it fits easily in temporary offices and field facilities.

1-Roll/2-Roll Configuration: The KIP 3100 can accommodate either one or two rolls -- and it's upgradeable in the field, so you can customize your print/copy output to changing workflow needs.

Expanded Print Length: For total output flexibility, you'll be able to make copies and prints on media sizes ranging from 8-1/2" to 11" to maximum 36" x 20".

Vivid Images, Smooth Finish: KIP's direct-contact, non-magnetic mono-component toner technology creates direct-fill areas with rich, vibrant blacks -- and smooth finish, because toner on paper is undetectable to the touch.

100% Toner Efficiency: With no carriers, developers, or messy toner waste to dispose of, operation is environmentally cleaner and more cost-efficient.

Low Operating Costs: The KIP combination of economical direct-contact toner, expanded duty cycle and fewer scheduled maintenance visits gives you maximum productivity at minimum cost.

Powerful KIP Software: You'll have support for standard CAD and raster formats -- plus advanced job handling capabilities, including print queue management, status updates, and dithering and grayscale control.

Illustrated On-Screen User Guides: Available on the intelligent operator panel, these user guides provide clear instructions for all operations -- another way to insure maximum productivity in field operations.

Color Scanning: Based on true 600 dpi optical resolution and 24-bit color imaging technology, the KIP 3000 provides the capability to scan full color documents into a variety of file formats.

Preset Scan Quality Controls: An integrated color scanning menu at the KIP 3100 touch screen panel presents users with preset scan quality controls to easily accommodate a wide range of original types such as maps, posters, graphics and photos.

Color Copying: The KIP 3100 provides the capability to reproduce the total range of wide format color communications. A unique "closed loop" color calibration system which includes the KIP 3100, an inkjet printer with its associated inks and a specific media type creates an accurate, uniform color standard copy.

Recall, Modify and Reprint: The KIP 3100 features the ability to save print and copy jobs to the IPS for future use. This print job history is configured via KIP PrintNET and is expandable up to 25 GB.

Scan to DWF: Operators have the ability to scan monochrome technical documents into DWF format which can be printed on the KIP 3100.