Konica Minolta bizhub 361 Multifunction Printer

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Konica Minolta bizhub 361 Multifunction Printer

The bizhub® 361 brings you fast 36 ppm output, flexible 70 opm scanning to multiple destinations, and a broad array of advanced security features to protect access and safeguard your data in the digital networked era. Simitri® Polymerized Toner improves the quality of all your B&W documents -- and the Emperon® Print System works seamlessly with the IC-207 Image Controller option to bring information into your system faster with greater control and convenience. You'll also have modular finishing options for in-house printing, high-volume fax option for all-in-one productivity and a full suite of PageScope® software solutions to manage documents and devices.

With all these advantages, the bizhub 361 is a great opportunity to replace your old printer/copier, eliminate redundant desktop printers -- and revolutionize your workflow.

* Fast B&W output at up to 36 ppm, with 150,000 page monthly duty cycle for greater reliability and cost efficiency.
* Sleek design with large color LCD touch-screen, thumbnail preview, and cables kept out of sight to preserve 360° styling that looks great from any angle.
* Powerful Emperon® Print System for seamless print/scan integration -- plus optional IC-207 Image Controller with PCL6/PS3 emulation, native XPS interpreter and fast, flexible scanning to multiple destinations.
* Enhanced security features include Biometric Authentication option, password protection, account track, job erase, HDD encryption and more.
* High-volume Super G3 fax option with speed-dialing, broadcasting, Internet faxing, IP address faxing, optional multi-line fax kit and more special features.


High-speed, high-volume B&W output speed. With 36 ppm print/copy speed and a 150,000-page monthly duty cycle, the bizhub 361 is designed to keep pace with the rising B&W document demands -- reports, presentations, human resource documents, sales support literature, administrative forms and corporate communications materials.

360° styling looks good from any angle. Compact footprint, sleek dark cabinet color and all-around access make the bizhub 361 ideal for center-office placement -- with cables kept out of sight to preserve its clean lines.

InfoLine status display. The unique display that tracks your flow of information in and out -- showing you operating status at a glance, even from across the room.

Large 8.5" color LCD touch-screen control panel. Simple icons and thumbnail previews help every operator scan, print and fax more quickly, with shortcut keys youcan customize -- and tilt-swivel design provides easy access for all employees in compliance with Section 508.

Enlarged thumbnail preview. On the LCD screen you can enlarge a thumbnail page of documents scanned into a User Box, making it easy to check documents before you print.

High-performance bizhub OP design. Combines three essential advantages for multifunctional productivity: bizhub Architecture to improve performance and account/device management, the Emperon® Print System to integrate fast document output with simple user interface, and bizhub Extended Solution Technology (bEST) for custom integration with future third-party software.

Simitri® PolymerizedToner. The exclusive Konica Minolta technology that uses ultra-fine particles of smaller size and more consistent shape to sharpen image detail, make text more legible and increase halftone definition.

WebDAV online file management. Support for WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) makes it easier to manage files and folders on your web server, identify authors and dates of web pages, lock documents and track file revisions.

IPv6: the next-generation Internet protocol. IPv6 dramatically increases IP addressing power and gives every networked bizhub device its own IP address to facilitate communication and improve security.

IC-207 Image Controller option. Driven by the Emperon® Print System, the IC-207 provides powerful desktop control of PCL6/PS3 emulation and native XPS functionality -- powered by a 600 MHz processor.

Faster scanning to more destinations. You can scan documents at up to 70 originals per minute -- with Scan-to-Email to attach documents as PDF, XPS or TIFF files, Scan-to-FTP for quick access via any PC on your network, Scan-to-SMB to send files to shared folders on desktop PCs, and TWAIN scanning from PCs.

bizhub Send for simultaneous distribution. You can do more work in fewer keystrokes -- scanning, Emailing and faxing while simultaneously storing a User Box copy or saving the file to SMB or FTP.

Enhanced User Box functions. You can also scan documents to individual user boxes on an optional 60 GB hard disk drive, assigning User Boxes to individuals, departments or workgroups, even allocating User Boxes by theme, project or goal.

Convenient USB transfer. A simple USB Interface option located on the front of your bizhub lets you scan files to a USB thumb-drive and also print files from a USB thumb-drive -- including files in PDF, XPS, TIFF and encrypted PDF formats.

5,650-sheet maximum paper capacity. You can load up to 5,650 sheets (with options) for longer uninterrupted print/copy runs, load up to 110 lb. index stock from bypass and copy, scan or duplex originals up to 11" x 17" in size.

Modular finishing options. Your bizhub 361 can provide 60-page booklet-making, 50-sheet stapling, half-fold and 2/3-hole punch capabilities -- and if you don't need finishing, a Job Separator option can separate print, copy, fax and report output jobs.

Super G3 Fax option for all-in-one productivity. Provides direct faxing from your PC, IP Address fax capability, TSI routing, 2,000-location address book, broadcasting and program dialing -- with an optional second phone line to double your input/output.

Ultra-secure biometric authentication option. Recognizes users based on scanning finger vein patterns for secure MFP access and fast "ID-and-print" operation.

Other enhanced security functions. To protect vital information in the age of networked distribution, the bizhub 361 provides increased security protection -- bizhub Secure Print, Encrypted Network Password Printing, IP Filtering, SSL/TLS Encryption, S/MIME Encryption, HDD Lock, User Authentication, Job Erase, HDD Sanitizing and more.

Powerful PageScope® software. Speed workflow throughout your organization with a total suite of solutions, including PageScope Web Connection for device management and LDAP addressing, PageScope Net Care for managing multiple devices from a single point, PageScope Print Status Notifier to alert you that a job has finished or paper/toner need replacing, PageScope Data Administrator™ for enhanced addressing and security functions, and PageScope Workware™ for personal document management.