Mitsubishi 3000S/LS/LC/LX Sheetfed Presses

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi 3000S/LS/LC/LX Sheetfed Presses

When it comes to reliable performance day in and day out, the Diamond 3000S is the bread-and-butter press of countless printing firms nationwide. Short makeready times, predictable color consistency and high output combine to give printers a distinct competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive 40-inch market. On the one hand, the Diamond 3000S provides users with the flexibility to fulfill the gamut of commercial projects, including brochures, pamphlets, corporate reports and marketing materials. On the other hand, it is equally suited to the highest color-critical demands of ad agency, designer and specialty work. In addition, solid automated features and inline coating capabilities afford greater work-and-turn ability. The result is an all-around workhorse guaranteed to put more on your bottom line.

The Diamond 3000LS press is a classic example of how Mitsubishi innovations level the playing field, enabling any printer to attain a degree of quality and productivity once thought possible only for high-end firms. This high-speed 40-inch machine, rated at 16,000 sheets per hour, produces high-volume, high-quality commercial products, as well as color-dominant short-run work. It also is flexible enough to print different varieties of substrates as easily as it handles paper. The unique cylinder design and sheet transfer arrangement eliminate marking or smearing of sheets, affording consistent quality and reliable production for printers seeking to expand into new markets. High-performance preset systems, remote control of frontlay register and remote-controlled adjustment of oscillating roller dead point help operators achieve full color quickly and efficiently.

Changing market demands, declining run lengths and more frequent deliveries have demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of 40-inch carton presses. The high-speed Diamond 3000LC ensures efficient production with advanced technology and a rating of 16,000 sheets per hour. The Diamond 3000LC automatically adjusts to print stock thickness ranging from .004 to .036 inches. Thanks to Mitsubishi's Centralized Operator MakeReady and Control (COMRAC) console, adjustments for stock thickness and size, cleaning of blanket cylinders and wash-up of ink rollers are completed in about one-third the standard makeready. Double-size impression, transfer and delivery cylinders and a heavy-duty sheet guide system produce consistent, markless board printing.

The Diamond 3000LX handles thick stock, thin stock and synthetic substrates with equal ease. The press is ideal for printing standard folding cartons, posters and point-of-purchase displays. Thanks to Mitsubishi's special plastics package, the Diamond 3000LX's high-quality reproduction on plastics and synthetic paper opens the door to high-priced niches, such as restaurant menus, recipe books, maps and credit/gift cards. Features added to the press eliminate marking, warping and static problems that are common when printing on plastics. With up to 10 printing units plus coater, the Diamond 3000LX is an excellent choice for high-end multicolor projects requiring special colors, coatings or spot-varnishes.