Mitsubishi 3000TP Tandem Perfector Sheetfed Presses

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi 3000TP Tandem Perfector Sheetfed Presses

The Diamond 3000TP Tandem Perfector satisfies the market demands for efficient production, higher quality and better returns on the finished products. The Tandem Perfector can be configured with up to 12 printing units, plus coating capabilities. Mitsubishi has developed double tower coaters for the Tandem Perfector, which enable printing and coating on both sides of the sheet in one pass.

Unlike other perfecting presses
Mitsubishi's three-cylinder transfer system, the Translink unit, passes backside printed sheets to the front-side units without flipping the sheets. One side of the sheet is printed and then the other with stable, straight sheet transfer from feeder to delivery. This simplifies register adjustment and ensures consistent image quality on both sides of the sheet, whether the project involves high-end photo books, reply cards, annual reports or folding cartons.

Sheetfed quality, web offset productivity
Ceramic jackets on all impression cylinders after the Translink unit eliminate scratches, dirt and other imperfections in solid print areas. Medium and high page counts can be printed competitively with commercial half-web presses, while delivering superb image reproduction. The optional inline reel sheeter affords substantial savings on paper costs, less paper waste, easier storage of paper rolls and unattended press operation.

Same gripper edge
The same leading edge gripper is maintained throughout the run, so color matching is more consistent, unit-to-unit and side-to-side. Because the Tandem Perfector does not require as wide a gripper margin as a convertible perfector, it saves one sheet for every 70 sheets run, or 1,428 sheets for a 100,000-sheet run.

Double coaters
Mitsubishi first introduced two-sided printing and coating with the Diamond 3000R Double Diamond perfector. The double-coater version of the Tandem Perfector features coating units before and after the Translink unit. The press can be equipped to accommodate aqueous-over-aqueous coatings, ultraviolet (UV) and aqueous coatings on either side of printed sheets or UV-over-UV applications.