Mitsubishi 5000LS/LX Sheetfed Presses

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi 5000LS/LX Sheetfed Presses

The Diamond 5000LS is an extremely efficient press that combines operational flexibility and exceptional print quality. It readily handles sheet sizes up to 37 1/64 x 51 3/16 inches and paperboard stock at a maximum speed of 15,000 sheets per hour. To ensure the shortest makereadies in the industry, press operators direct virtually all press functions from a Centralized Operator MakeReady and Control (COMRAC) console. Further enhancing the Diamond 5000LS' productivity are Mitsubishi's unique ink clutch remote-control system, which eliminates the prestart task of cleaning and lubricating unused units, and the automatic ink roller cleaning system. When equipped with Mitsubishi's tower coater and extended delivery, the press excels at fast turnarounds.

Representing a superior achievement in the 51-inch format, the Diamond 5000LX is a printing press for a range of applications, from high-quality brochures and catalogs to labels and packaging. Mitsubishi's innovative skeleton transfer cylinders with air management result in efficient, markless printing. Printers frequently cite makeready time and material waste as major criteria they consider when buying a press. Automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing, remote control of frontlay register and inker clutch, and automatic plate changing cut makeready to as little as 15 minutes. The combination of fast makeready, quick job changeovers and wider stock capabilities helps printers overcome the toughest equipment and production obstacles.

* Auto-Preset Inking System (API III)
* COMRAC - (Centralized Operator MakeReady and Control)
* Microprocessor-Based Controls
* Remote Controlled Running Register (Lateral, Circumferential and Skewing)
* Touch Screen Display of Printing Parameters, Makeready Settings, Safety and Operations

* Blowdown Fans
* Pile Height Control
* Pile Pallets (2)
* Sequential Impression On/Off
* Sheet "Slow Down" Wheels
* Sheet Counter
* Total Revolution Counter

* Continuous Stream Feeder
* Double Sheet Detector (Mechanical and UltraSonic)
* Misregister Detector
* Mitsubishi Side Guide
* Overrun Detector
* Pile Height Control
* Pile Pallets (2)
* Remote Controlled Front Lay Register
* Side-Lay Detector with Misregister Alarm

Feeder & Delivery
* Emergency Impression Off
* Static Eliminators
* Tachometer

Printing Unit
* Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
* Automatic Lubrication
* Automatic Plate Cylinder Positioning System
* Cam-Closed Grippers
* Chrome Plated Impression Cylinder (Double Diameter)
* Complete Spare Set of Covered Rubber Rollers
* Complete Spare Set of Uncovered Rubber Rollers
* Mitsubishi 3-Position Dampening System with Preset Speed Curves
* Plasma-Coated Cylinders (Plate and Blanket)
* Quick Plate Clamp System (w/Stationary Pins)
* Refrigerated Recirculation to Printing Units
* Remote Roller Control (Ink/Dampening Form Rolls, Fountain Rollers)
* Skeleton Transfer Cylinders
* Unit Cover Open/Close Automatic Feature