Panasonic SP60 High Speed Screen Printing Machine

Panasonic Updated: 2008-07-28 RSS
Panasonic SP60 High Speed Screen Printing Machine

Panasonic's SP60 is designed with both the high- and low-volume manufacturer in mind who requires ultrahigh printing accuracy. It combines high-speed, multi-snap-off and support snap-off to give users the flexibility to realize both SMT screen printing and superfine pitch printing. Customizability is key to the benefits this machine delivers.

For long-time, continuous production cycles, The SP60 features an advanced squeegee that's resilient enough to deliver consistent high quality. Additionally, a squeegee can be added that's designed for high-speed, high-productivity printing scenarios.

The SP60 supports lead-free soldering.

Features & Benefits

* Excellent snap-off performance, even for printing that is susceptible to masking
* Expandable library of 72 printing conditions for 40 kinds of lead-free solder
* Quick changeover
* Full-floating squeegee head, selectable optimized stencil release feature, automated cleaning, universal stencil holding capability to handle 21" to 29" frames without the need for adapters
* 2D Inspection