Ricoh Aficio MP C6000 Production Printing System

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Ricoh Aficio MP C6000 Production Printing System

This color copier prints up to 55 ppm in full color and 60 ppm in black & white. Use it to reduce outsourcing expenses and eliminate costs associated with supporting multiple color printers.

General Features

* Complete copying, printing, scanning, and document serving functionality
* Simple to use operation to maximum productivity while minimizing operator training
* Documents ready for distribution through integrated finishing options including stapling, booklet finishing, and hole punching
* Advanced security features, like Windows Authentication and User Code programming prevent unauthorized access as well as providing cost control.
* High-speed throughput of 55 ppm for full-color, and 60 ppm for black & white
* Document Server Technology for online storage and print-on-demand capability
* Create two-sided documents without impeding the system performance

Copier Features

* Scan Once, Print Many for maximum productivity and reliability
* Walk-up users can access all attached finishing functions for copying
* Contain color usage with user codes to manage operation cost
* Standard 100-sheet ARDF for simplex and duplex scanning
* First-copy-out time of 7.5 seconds for full-color, and 5.7 seconds for black & white
* Key programming and access to copier functionality is all kept on two levels of navigation to simplify operation
Printer Features
* Graphical-based RPCS print driver allows users to program frequently used printing/finishing parameters into one icon to result in effortless and failsafe printing
* RPCS/PCL5c/6 are standard and fully compatible with all major PC applications
* Optional Adobe® PostScript 3
* 1,536MB RAM (std./max) and 320GB (160GB x 2) of Hard Disk Drive capacity provide ample resources to handle large color files
* Print from the network or from a single workstation with standard Ethernet and USB 2.0

Scanner Features

* Scan resolution up to 600 dpi when scanning to e-mail or folder
* Create TIFF/JPEG/PDF files from hard-copy and electronically store and/or share
* Scan-to-Email with LDAP support (no additional software or delivery server needed)
* Scan-to-Folder via SMB and FTP (no additional software or delivery server needed)
* Network TWAIN scanning up to 1,200 dpi (monochrome only)
* Scanning speed of 81 ipm for Black & White; 69 ipm for Full Color