Sony UP20 Analog A6 Color Printer

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Sony UP20 Analog A6 Color Printer

The UP-20 color printer successfully combines high quality with affordable pricing. The UP-20 prints near A6 sized color images in approximately 16 seconds (using UPC-21S media, in High Speed mode). The printer's new compact design allows for easy integration with other video equipment. The UP-20 is an ideal choice for the dental market, as well as, office or scientific lab applications.


* Superb print quality and color reproduction at approximately 400 dpi resolution
* Compact Size
* High-Speed Printing, near A6 Size
* Four Frame Memory
* Versatile Analog Video Inputs and Outputs
* Convenient remote control capability
* RS-232C Interface
* 2 or 4 Split Image Print Mode
* Monitor Loop-Through for System Power Saving
* World Wide Power and Video Capability