Sony UPCR20L SnapLab Digital Photo Printer

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Sony UPCR20L SnapLab Digital Photo Printer

Sony’s Digital Photofinishing Division is pleased to introduce the UPCR20L Snaplab® Digital Photo Printer. This latest addition to the SnapLab family extends the offering of the all-in-one photofinishing solution. With the increasing demand for instant digital photo prints, the SnapLab UPCR20L printer offers small to medium retail environments a high-speed full-featured mini-kiosk solution. Retailers can capture a portion of this growing instant digital photo print market with low capital hardware investment. The wireless shoot-to-print capability saves time while increasing productivity and revenue! The UPCR20L produces gorgeous, rocket fast prints from 3x5" to 6x8" with software selectable Glossy or ProMatte finish. The Snaplab system is sure to make your customers smile and help your business grow!


* Compact and stylish all-in-one design
* Easy operation with large LCD
* High-speed and high-quality photo printing
* Value-added digital photo prints
* Variety of digital photo print sizes
* Various digital media inputs
* Wireless shoot-to-print feature
* Security cable compatibility
* Simple firmware updates
* Easy maintenance
* Order numbers & file names
* Screen saver customization
* Image preload function
* Multiple language support
* Job ticket printing
* Large image preview
* Band pricing


Easy to Use: Simple to operate, no PC is required. Just insert your digital media, select your pictures and wait for them to print.

Wireless Shoot-to-Print: By connecting the UPASLAWSG1 wireless adaptor and using the "Shoot & Print" mode, the UPCR20L can print photos wirelessly transferred from supported digital cameras. This feature makes the UPCR20L ideal for events, parties and other situations where a portable printer is necessary

Easy to Install and Maintain: The all-in-one design of the Snaplab allows you to get your photofinishing business up and running quickly, without complicated assembly or system integration.

Large LCD Display: The Snaplab Digital Photo Printer incorporates a 10.4 inch large LCD panel for easy operation.

Various Media Inputs: The UPCR20L accepts today's most popular digital media, USB flash memory, compact discs and DVDs.

Various Print Sizes: The following four print sizes are available: 3x5 inch, 4x6 inch, 5x7 inch and 6x8 inch.

High Volume Printing: With its large paper capacity, the SnapLab Digital Photo Printer is a true workhorse. The printer can hold a roll of paper for 700 4x6 inch prints. The high volume printing capability results in less time spent replacing paper media.

High Speed and High Quality: The UPCR20L can operate at high speeds, regardless of print size. A single 4x6 inch photo can be printed in approximately 8 seconds.

Sony Patented Pro Matte™ Surface Finish: The SnapLab Digital Photo Printer offers Pro Matte surface finish, which is especially suited to fine quality portrait prints.

Value-added Print Options: The UPCR20L offers value-added print options such as split-image printing, a choice of borders and sepia effects- all of, which can help produce additional revenue.

Language Support: The LCD menu of the SnapLab Digital Photo Printer supports 12 lanquages.

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