Xerox DocuPrint 1050/1050MX Continuous Feed Printer

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Xerox DocuPrint 1050/1050MX Continuous Feed Printer

* World class continuous feed printing system increases productivity and flexibility in both transactional printing and publishing environments
* Expanded web width of 19.5" increases application flexibility and may enable more images per linear foot, to reduce run costs while increasing output
* High-speed 600 dpi printing supports high, cyclical print volumes and tight print windows
* Optimizes productivity in convergence printing environments by supporting a wide range of publishing and transactional applications on one digital printer
* Supports processing of complex print jobs using all industry standard data streams
* Works in conjunction with the Xerox FreeFlow™ Digital Workflow collection of solutions to fit easily into your workflow
* Optional Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) capability produces checks, insurance settlements, invoices and rebate coupons to enable new applications in a variety of printing environments

* Duplex printing up to 1064 ipm two-up (8.5" x 11")
* Two print speed modes to minimize clutching and enable more substrate flexibility
* 19.5" web width for more application flexibility such as 3-up printing (6" x 9"), or 12-up 3" x 6" checks at the rate of 2,928 per minute with optional MICR configuration
* Supports pinless, pinfed, preprinted, plain, boxed fanfold forms, and roll-fed paper
* Print resolution up to 600 dpi at 244 feet per minute
* Supports multiple third-party pre/post accessories
* Auto-alignment of front-to-back pages in duplex
* Optional Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) configuration supports transactional and check printing via a dedicated MICR engine or a Customer Changeable Housing (CCH) that enables the developer system to be easily switched from MICR to non-MICR
* MICR security features include intelligent recognition and system lockout to prevent non-MICR toner from being used in a MICR print job

Key Applications
* Transactional print environment
- Data Centers, Service Bureaus
- Billing, Statements, Checks, Direct Mail, Reports
* Publishing environment
- Commercial/In-Plant Printers, CRDs, Publishers
- Books, Booklets, Catalogs, Brochures, Manuals, Directories
* Convergence market
- Transaction documents with more graphical content
- Customized publishing with variable data
- 1-to-1 marketing

Rated speed: High: 244 feet per minute
1064 ipm duplex (8.5" x 11", two-up) to 976 ipm duplex (6" x 9", three-up)
Low: 195 feet per minute
850 ipm duplex (8.5" x 11", two-up) to 1560 ipm duplex (6" x 9", three-up)
Resolution: Input: 240 x 240, 300 x 300 or 600 x 600 dpi
Output: 480 x 480 or 600 x 600 dpi
Duty cycle: 20,000,000+ 8.5 x 11 2-up images per month

Standard: Pinless or pinfed continuous print (MICR is supported for pinfeed only)
Printed Sides: Duplex (Requires two DocuPrint engines for duplex operation)
MICR: MX configuration only (MICR is supported on the upstream engine only in a twin duplex configuration)

PDLs: Standard: Native IPDS (all AFP towers supported)
Optional: Adobe PostScript®, TIFF, PCL, PDF, ASCII via DocuSP (LCDS and AFP via Emtex)
Network Interfaces: IBM Channel S/370 Interface; TCP/IP Ethernet 1 Gigabit; TCP/IP Token Ring; TCP/IP Ethernet 10/100
User Interface: 15" Full-color touch screen graphical user interface
CPU: Double Xeon
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 40 GB

Paper Handling
Standard paper capacity: up to 16" high stack of fanfold (4,000 sheets, 28 lb)
Media Dimensions - Minimum: Width (pinfed): 8.3", Width (pinless): 8.0", Length: 5.83"
Media Dimensions - Maximum: Width (pinfed): 19.5", Width (pinless): 19.5", Length: 22"
Media Weight - Minimum: 16 lbs
Media Weight - Maximum: 42 lbs
Media Types: pinless, pinfed, preprinted, plain, boxed fanfold forms, and roll-fed paper

Other Input Devices: Support for external third-party unwinder solutions