Xerox DocuTech 155 HighLight Color System

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Xerox DocuTech 155 HighLight Color System

* Produces more effective documents with highlight color for more satisfied, loyal customers
* Provides greater productivity to handle large job volumes in both transaction and publishing print environments
* Market-proven FreeFlow™ DocuSP front end ensures the highest levels of productivity with time-saving job management functions and a common workflow across all Xerox digital production systems
* Works in conjunction with the FreeFlow Digital Workflow collection to fit easily into your workflow
* SmartPress technology platform builds in reliability and decreases unscheduled maintenance for unprecedented uptime
* Accommodates your growing business needs -- easily upgradable on-site, from 128 ppm to 155 ppm and 155 to 180 ppm

* Two configurations available to meet the needs of both transaction and publishing print environments
- Powerful stitching and binding option with interposer
- High-capacity feeding and stacking option
* Available in configurations for 128 ppm, 155 ppm, and 180 ppm
* Custom-blended highlight colors maximize your brand and increase the emotional impact of your documents
* Prints simplex or duplex; concurrency to RIP, print, scan, and program simultaneously
* Uses Xerographic print engine with laser raster imaging system for black and Light Emitting Diode (LED) for color
* Prints at 600 x 600 dpi color and 600 x 2400 dpi black
* Single-pass printing prints color and black in one pass with no degradation of rated speed (up to 155 ppm) with highlight color in simplex and duplex mode
* Optional distributed scanning available with the FreeFlow Scanner 665
* prInteract: optional remote services network-enabled options to diagnose problems, reduce call time, and provide remote system monitoring

Key Applications
* Designed for both print-on-demand/publishing and transaction print applications
- Newsletters, booklets, flyers, reports, letterhead
- Invoices, forms, statements, envelopes

Rated speed: 155 ppm
Resolution: Black: 600 x 2400 dpi
Color: 600 x 600 dpi
Recommended average monthly volume: 1,100,000 impressions per month
Duty cycle: 4,500,000 impressions per month

Standard: High-volume network printing and 3rd-party finishing
Optional: Scanning
Printed Sides: Duplex

PDLs: Adobe PostScript® Level 3, PDF, HP, PCL6, TIFF, VIPP and ASCII currently available
- Network Interfaces: Ethernet (10/100 BaseT): TCP/IP, Netware, AppleTalk®
- Token Ring: TCP/IP, Netware, AppleTalk
- S/370 or S/390 Bus and Tag
User Interface: Color flat panel display, keyboard, mouse
CPU: 2.2 GHz
Print Engine: Xerographic
Process/Imaging: Black: Laser
Color: LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disk: 80 GB

Paper Handling
Paper sources: High Capacity Stacking Option: 4
Stitching and Binding option: 5
Standard paper capacity: High Capacity Stacking option: 6,900 sheets
Stitching and Binding option: 7,450 sheets
Media Dimensions - Minimum: 8 x 10 inches
With Optional Enablement Kit: 7 x 10 inches (High Capacity Stacking option only)
Media Dimensions - Maximum: 14.33 x 17 inches
With Optional Large Format kit: 14.33 x 18.5 inches (Stitching and Binding option only)
With Optional Extra Large Format kit: 14.33 x 19.2 inches (Stitching and Binding option only)
Media Weight - Minimum: 16 lbs
Media Weight - Maximum: 110 lbs
Media Types: DocuCards®, label stock, tab stock, carbonless paper, pre-perforated stock, safety stock, and other specialized application materials

Tray 1: 1,100 sheets
Tray 2: 600 sheets
Tray 3: 2,600 sheets (Stitching and Binding option only)
Tray 4: 550 sheets - Post-fuser insertion only (Stitching and Binding option only)
Tray 5: 2,600 sheets (Stitching and Binding option only)
High Capacity Feeder: 2 standard: 2,600 sheets each (High Capacity Stacking option only)
Optional High Capacity Feeder: Up to 2: 2,600 sheets each (High Capacity Stacking option only)
- Other Input Devices: Lasermax Roll Systems DocuSheeter
- Standard Hunkler SF4
- Xerox Tiltatron/Stackatron
- CP Bourg Sheet Rotator
- FreeFlow Scanner 665

Output Tray: 50 sheets

- Moore Wallace Pressure Sealers
- Bowe Bell & Howell Production Mail Inserters
- Pitney Bowes Production Mail Inserters
- Gunther International Mail Inserters
- Neopost Light Production Mail Inserters
Stitched Sets:
- Xerox Inline Stapler
- Duplo DM Series Booklet Makers
Tape Bound: Powis Parker FastBack Binder
Case Bound:
- On Demand Machinery
- Power Parker FastBack Hardcover System
- Perfect Bound: CP Bourg BB3002 Perfect Binder
- Standard Horizon BQ270 Perfect Binder
- Booklet Making: CP Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
- Duplo DM Series Booklet Makers
Stacker: Standard: 2 High Capacity Stackers: 2,500 sheets each
Optional: Up to 2 additional High Capacity Stackers: 2,500 sheets each (High Capacity Stacking option only)
Stitcher: 2-70 sheets, one or two adjustable stitches (Stitching and Binding option only)
Binder: 15 to 125 sheets (Stitching and Binding option only)
Bypass Transport: Bypass Transport: enables connection to DFA-compliant, third-party inline finishing device
Other Finishing Options: Sample Tray: 100 sheets
Purge Tray: 100 sheets (High Capacity Stacking option only)