Xerox iGen3 110/90 Digital Production Presses

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Xerox iGen3 110/90 Digital Production Presses

* Two configuration options support a wide range of business needs; modular architecture lets you expand your capabilities as your business grows
* New business opportunities and revenue streams with short run digital color jobs, fast turnaround, and customized communications
* Versatile, high quality print that rivals offset and enables a wide range of applications
* Increased Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars – sell more effectively and get your message to market faster
* Reduce hidden costs of preparation, warehousing, and distribution by printing shorter runs

* Up to 6,600 (iGen3 110) or 5,400 (iGen3 90) full process color A4 (letter) 4/0 impressions per hour
* Optional Automated Color Quality Suite Press Matching System ensures consistently accurate color image quality and increases uptime by using an inline spectrophotometer to automate calibration and color adjustments that were previously done manually
* GRACoL emulation provides outstanding color output and a very accurate match to offset
* 600 x 600 dpi, 8-bit depth resolution, and Xerox patented dry inks for excellent fine line rendering and benchmark color gamut
* Up to 6 input feeder modules with two trays each – each tray holds 2,500 sheets of 80 lb. coated text for a total capacity of 30,000 sheets (up to 50,000 additional sheets with roll feeder)
* Choice of high performance RIPs: Xerox FreeFlow™ Print Server, EFI® Fiery® Color Server or Creo® Spire™ Color Server
* Wide array of stocks: coated, uncoated, textured, smooth, and specialty

Key Applications
* Short-run, on demand printing of brochures, books, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, Point of Purchase materials, sell sheets and more!
* With Teacher's Edition Solution, economically produce the exact number of textbooks needed, and print more as needs arise
* Direct mail marketing campaigns
* Personalized 1 to 1 communications
* Web fulfillment materials
* Statements and financial reports with unique text, images and graphics

Rated speed: Range depending on paper size:
iGen3 90: from 90 ipm for 7" x 7"
to 30 ipm for 14.33 x 20.5"
iGen3 110: from 120 ipm for 7" x 7" to 40 ipm for 14.33 x 20.5"
Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi x 8-bit
Recommended average monthly volume: 200,000 - 3,000,000 pages per month
Line Screens: 150, 175, 200, or 300 lpi, all utilizing 256 gray levels

Printed Sides: Duplex

- PDLs: With Xerox FreeFlow Print Server: Adobe® PostScript® Level 1, 2, 3; Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0, PDF 1.6, PDF/X; TIFF, PCL5c, PCL6XL
- With Creo Spire Color Server: Postscript level 1, 2, 3; PDF/Acrobat; EPS, EPSF; DCS, DCSF; Print-ready RTP jobs; Creo VPS; Xerox VIPP
- With EFI Fiery Color Server: Postscript level 1, 2, 3; PDF 1.5/Acrobat 6; PDF/X-1a and 3; EPS; DCS 2.0; TIFF and TIFF/IT; JPEG
Network Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100 baseT Protocols: TCP/IP, AppleTalk, Novell IPX/SPX, Net BEUI, EtherTalk® Phase II, LPR/LPD
Print Engine: Digital Color Press Xerography

Paper Handling
Paper sources: Up to 6 feeder modules, each with 2 trays
Standard paper capacity: 30,000 sheets
Maximum paper capacity with options: 80,000 sheets
Auto Duplex: Automatic duplex with wide radius inverter for second side imaging
Media Dimensions - Minimum: 7 x 7 inches
Media Dimensions - Maximum: 14.33 x 20.5 inches
Media Weight - Minimum: 16 lbs
Media Weight - Maximum: 130 lbs
- Media Types: Coated: gloss, matte, dull, silk
- Uncoated, textured, specialty stocks
- Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide variety of labels, synthetics
- DocuCard, NeverTear, DuraPaper™
- Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed
- No drying time before coating

Tray 1: 2,500 sheets
Tray 2: 2,500 sheets
Tray 3: 2,500 sheets
Optional High Capacity Feeder: Lasermax Roll Systems DocuSheeter™ iG: 50,000 sheets
Other Input Devices: Xerox Tiltatron/Stackatron/DocuCard Solutions

Output Capacity: Two carts per stacker; stacker cart holds 12" (3,000 sheets) 80 lb. coated text -- up to four stackers available

- Flats: GBC Delta Laminator
- GBC Hi Tac Laminate Film
- D&K Super Stick Laminate Film
- Epic CTi-635 Inline Coating System
- Stitched Sets: Xerox Squarefold Booklet Maker
- CP Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
- Duplo System 5000 Inline Booklet Maker
- Duplo SCC Nearline Booklet Maker
- Lay Flats: GBC Fusion Punch II
- GBC DigiCoil Binder
Tape Bound: Xerox DB120-D Document Binder
Case Bound: On Demand Machinery
- Perfect Bound: Xerox Manual + Book Factory
- CP Bourg BB3002 Perfect Binder
- Standard Horizon BQ270 Perfect Binder
- Booklet Making: Xerox Squarefold Booklet Maker
- CP Bourg BDFx Booklet Maker
- Duplo System 5000 Inline Booklet Maker
- Duplo SCC Nearline Booklet Maker
Other Finishing Options: Xerox Finishing Interface Kit