BenQ MP612c Projector

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BenQ MP612c Projector

The MP612c offers superb picture quality, with solid specifications and enhanced features.

2,200 ANSI Lumens
A 2,200 ANSI lumen projection lamp ensures great viewing even in locations with high levels of ambient light.

BrilliantColor Technology
Integration of Texas Instruments' acclaimed BrilliantColor technology, which boosts the optical efficiency of the projection engine, means that colors are rendered more vividly for added realism.

3D Color Management
This advanced feature allows you to adjust hue and saturation levels for six colors independently to suit your preferences and achieve natural-looking visuals.

Wall Color Correction
This amazing feature makes it easy to get excellent picture quality with accurate color rendition even projecting onto a wall or other surface by automatically compensating for its color.

Pure Pleasure to Use
Designed for ease of use, the MP612c makes operation and maintenance simple and even enjoyable.

Easy to Use
Power On/Off Tone
To let you know when the projector is ready to use or when it has cooled down after use, the MP612c provides a discreet alert so you can continue with other tasks without need to constantly check a status indicator light.

Presentation Timer
The MP612c's on-screen timer will help you keep your presentations on track. And instead of wondering where you are in the presentation, your audience can stay focused on the actual content.

Panel Key Lock
This handy feature will help you keep presentations glitch-free by preventing accidental button presses from activating the associated function.

Quick Auto Search
The MP612c will automatically scan for attached video sources, sparing you the hassle of manually locating them. Just plug in the source and almost instantly your show is ready to go.

Upper Case Lamp Door
While most projectors make replacing the lamp an ordeal, the MP612c makes this maintenance task simple by putting an easily opened access door right on the top of the unit.

Long Lamp Life
At a rated 4,000 hours, the MP612c's projection lamp will typically provide many months or even years of great viewing.

Quiet Operation
To spare you and your audience distracting noise, the MP612c operates at an extremely quiet 26dB by taking advantage of specially selected materials in its construction, reduced component vibration, and a cooling design that allows the fan to spin at lower speeds.

ID Design
The MP612 also delights with its sleek looks. The smoothly contoured black housing is imbued with a glossy finish and subtle visual accents that take the MP612/612c far from the staid or clunky appearance of most projectors. Embedded in the snazzy housing are elegantly arrayed controlled buttons that further demonstrate attention to detail and an acute aesthetic sense.