Canon LV-7275 LCD Projector

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Canon LV-7275 LCD Projector

The new LV-7275 multimedia projector's sophisticated new design allows for both easy portability and ceiling installation. An array of easy-to-use features such as an updated control panel and an easy to navigate on-screen menu make the LV-7275 simple to use. In addition to producing images of superior quality, for which Canon is renowned, its network capabilities and added security features make the LV-7275 the perfect solution for users in corporate or educational environments.

Native XGA Resolution
The LV-7275 offers native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution for your images, making it a perfect match for your laptop computer. In addition, the LV-7275 supports WXGA resolution through high-quality compression to match the resolution of your widescreen laptop or PC.

2600 Lumens
With a powerful 2600 lumens, the LV-7275 is among the brightest of Canon's portable XGA resolution projectors. Even in a classroom or office with high levels of ambient light, your audience will be sure to see every brilliant detail of your presentation. You can even use your LV-7275 to present in front of large audiences in conference and boardroom environments. And you'll be able to use that brightness longer, thanks to a Long Life Lamp which delivers up to 4,000 hours of use in Quiet Mode.

1.2x Optical Zoom Lens
The 1.2x optical zoom lens faithfully projects images while offering ease of placement. This allows you to easily change the screen size to accommodate various venues and/or applications- regardless of space limitations.

The LV-7275's short throw distance allows you to project 100-inch images from only 10.2 feet, making the LV-7275 easy to setup in large rooms. Only 8.2 feet are needed for 80-inch projections, making it ideal for classrooms and small meeting rooms.

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