Canon LV-7370 LCD Projector

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Canon LV-7370 LCD Projector

The LV-7370 multimedia projector's sophisticated design allows for both easy portability and ceiling installation. An array of easy-to-use features such as updated control panel and easy-to-navigate onscreen menu, make the LV-7370 simpler to use than ever before. In addition to producing images of superior quality for which Canon is renowned, its network capabilities and added security features make the LV-7370 the perfect solution for users in corporate or educational environments.

DVI-I Interface (HDCP Compliant)
The LV-7370's DVI-I interface provides an all-digital connection between the projector and an input source. It avoids the signal conversion step required by analog connections, and thus maintains high signal integrity. This results in a clearer picture, with no flickering, blurred lines, ghost images, or coloration problems with text display.

Built-In Network Connection
A built-in RJ-45 network connection allows you to control projectors from a central location, making it easy to install and manage a large scale system. The network connection also enables the projector to send out an email alert when an error has occurred, or when the lamp has reached the end of its life. The LV-7370 also supports AMX device discovery.

Wide Range of Connectivity
The LV-7370 connects to a variety of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, and VCRs. HDMI devices are connectable using an HDMI to DVI adapter. Many desktop PCs cannot be connected to both a projector and monitor at the same time. The LV-7370's Monitor Out terminal allows for an external monitor to be connected to the projector- a practical feature in settings where the projector is hooked up to a desktop computer. In addition, the projector's network capabilities allow you to control projectors from a central location.

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