Canon LV-7375 LCD Projector

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Canon LV-7375 LCD Projector

The new LV-7375 multimedia projector's sophisticated new design allows for both easy portability and ceiling installation. An array of easy-to-use features such as updated control panel and easy-to-navigate onscreen menu, make the LV-7375 simpler to use than ever before. In addition to producing images of superior quality for which Canon is renowned, its network capabilities and added security features make the LV-7375 the perfect solution for users in corporate or educational environments.

Wide Range of Connectivity
The LV-7375 connects to a variety of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, and VCRs. HDMI devices are connectable using an HDMI to DVI adapter*. Many desktop PCs cannot be connected to both a projector and monitor at the same time. The LV-7375's Monitor Out terminal allows for an external monitor to be connected to the projector- a practical feature in settings where the projector is hooked up to a desktop computer. In addition, the projector's network capabilities allow you to control projectors from a central location.

Flexible Image Settings
The LV-7375 allows you to appropriately optimize your projections using one of five automatic image modes:

* Presentation - Ideal for presentations using PowerPoint.
* Video - For projecting standard video, such as TV broadcasts.
* Cinema - For projecting film-based video, such as movies (DVD or HDTV).
* Standard - When maximum color accuracy is desired for viewing graphics.
* sRGB - For reproducing color adapted to the sRGB color space; suitable for sRGB content.

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