Canon LV-7590 LCD Projector

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Canon LV-7590 LCD Projector

The LV-7590 provides the most powerful, bright and feature-rich projector for situations that call for permanent installation. Featuring a new Color Control device and a brilliant 7000 lumens- the LV-7590 is ideal for the most demanding boardrooms, houses of worship and theater installations. HDTV and HD compatible, it has been designed and built to provide the range of image controls and versatility you need for the most demanding circumstances. And of course with the optical performance you can only get in a Canon projector.


* Native XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)
* 7000 Lumens; Excellent Brightness and Clarity
* Interchangeable Lens System
* Color Control Device
* Precise Color Management
* Image Controls
* Multiple Image Mode Settings
* Connectivity
* Optional Network Imager
* Projector Placement Versatility
* Security Features
* Automatic Filter Replacement
* Quiet Operation
* Remote Control
* Custom Startup Display

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