Canon LV-8215 LCD Projector

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Canon LV-8215 LCD Projector

With spectacular widescreen performance, Canon's LV-8215 projector features native WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, making it easy to display today's wide format computers and laptops with incredible clarity. This value-driven, portable projector delivers astonishingly bright images and high contrast, and is the perfect solution for users in corporate or educational environments.

Featuring network capability, easy-to-use controls, and advanced security features, the LV-8215 was designed with a high-efficiency power supply, and other energy-saving features such as sleep timer, quick startup and a carbon meter. In addition, the projector's improved lamp lighting system can now deliver up to 5000 hours of lamp life. Compact and lightweight, the LV-8215's built-in carrying handle makes for easy transportation to wherever presentations are needed.


Native WXGA Resolution (1280 x 800)
2600 Lumens
1.2x Optical Zoom Lens
Lamp Life Up to 5,000 Hours
Time and Energy Efficient
Color Management
Image Optimization
Flexible Connectivity with DVI-I Terminal
Projector Control and Management
Advanced User Security
User Friendly Design
Quiet Operation
Portable and Convenient
Simple Installation and Maintenance

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