Epson PowerLite 1720 Multimedia Projector

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Epson PowerLite 1720 Multimedia Projector

The Epson PowerLite 1720 multimedia projector is a powerful addition to your corporate team. Place the PowerLite 1720 in your briefcase and head to your next presentation. Weighing just 3.7 lb, this sleek ultraportable is easy to take on the road.

A stylish companion for most any notebook, the PowerLite 1720 is ready when you are. With its short throw distance, you can make a big impression, even in the smallest of spaces. And, with native XGA resolution, the PowerLite 1720 produces sharp images that are sure to impress. Your presentations will shine bright in any room with 3000 lumens (both color and white light output).

The PowerLite 1720 is also energy efficient. Its long-life E-TORL™ lamp lasts up to 4000 hours. That means you save on energy and expenses, without sacrificing light output or clarity of detail. With the grab-and-go Epson PowerLite 1720, you have the power to present, and impress, virtually anywhere.

Features & Benefits

* Lightweight and travel friendly - weighs just 3.7 lb
* Ultra bright - 3000 lumens color and 3000 lumens white light output
* Incredible clarity and detail - native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution
* Rich, vibrant color - advanced 3LCD, 3-chip optical engine
* Energy and cost-efficient - E-TORL™ lamp lasts up to 4000 hours1
* Ideal for any setting - sleek design and short throw distance
* Added features, no added cost - built-in closed captioning capabilities

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