Epson PowerLite Pro G5200WNL Projector

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Epson PowerLite Pro G5200WNL Projector

Epson Quality and Reliability

* 3-chip 3LCD
* 4200 lumens, WXGA resolution (16:10)
* 800:1 contrast ratio for superior detail
* HDMI digital connection/HDCP compliancy
* 720p Hi-Def ready

Precision Control

* Horizontal/vertical lens shift
* Instant On/Instant Off®
* Direct On/Direct Off
* 30 degree tilt operation
* Centered lens design for easy installation
* 5 optional bayonet lenses with easy lens installation
* Easy setup with Quick Corner® function

Low Cost of Ownership

* Built-in closed captioning
* EasyManagement
* Convenient monitoring/control features
* 1-touch filter removal, easy lamp access

Wide and Bright Come Together

Designed with your installation needs in mind, the Epson PowerLite Pro G5200WNL offers the perfect solution for any auditorium, classroom or boardroom. With 4200 lumens and WXGA resolution, this powerful, network-ready performer ensures amazing presentations in virtually any setting. Engineered to easily interface with sophisticated programming and controller applications, this product works perfectly with existing system components, including touch-panel screens, or audio and content devices.

And, it couldn't be easier to install. Designed to seamlessly integrate with complex presentation systems, the PowerLite Pro G5200WNL includes a full feature set that makes installation easy and affordable. Its convenient networking capabilities allow presenters to send presentations over the network.

Add to that the easy maintenance features and you've got everything you need for brilliant presentations and a better bottom line. With one-touch filter replacements and easy lamp access, the PowerLite Pro G5200WNL offers a lower cost of ownership and added peace of mind. It even includes a closed captioning decoder, so there are no added costs to accommodate the hearing impaired. The Epson PowerLite Pro G5200WNL is the ideal choice for both executive boardrooms and educational institutions, with the value, power and performance for all your presentation purposes.

Beyond Amazing - Color, Detail, Reliability

* Full-time color - no color wheel, no color breakup, no rainbows
* Bright, natural images that are easy on the eyes - 3-chip 3LCD engine design
* Color - 3LCD technology goes far beyond ordinary color. "Clear", "rich" and "vibrant" barely begin to describe the incredible depth and brilliance it delivers. The impact is stunning. It's an astonishing level of realism you never thought possible.
* Reliability - 3LCD technology is durable and dependable. Road-tested by millions of projector users around the world, it has been used in more projection products than any other. Over 40 million chips used in projectors and RPTV products have been put to the test in classrooms, sales presentations and on stage.
* Detail - 3LCD technology offers extraordinary detail. And detail is what superior image quality is all about - from movies to your most important presentations. 3LCD light engines deliver incredible, jaw-dropping detail - the kind that puts you right in the middle of where the action is.

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